Bergamot Oil

About Bergamot Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia

Usually produced through expression (cold pressing) of the bergamot orange peel, bergamot essential oil has a pleasant citrus aroma.

Aromatherapy applications for bergamot essenital oil include acne, depression, viral and fungal infections, and anxiety.

In natural essential oil perfumes, bergamot essential oil has a pleasing scent that combines well with most other essential oils. It combines well with floral, woody, and other citrus essential oils; try blends with lavender, cedarwood, or mandarin orange essential oils.

If used topically, any exposure to sunlight must be avoided, as bergamot may a phototoxic essential oil. Use furo-coumarin free bergamot essential oil to reduce these risks. Please thoroughly familiarize yourself with safety information before using any essential oil.

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