Black Pepper Oil

About Black Pepper Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Black pepper essential oil is derived from steam distillation of the fruit and stems. It has a warm, spicy aroma that is distinct but not unpleasant.

Because of its warming properties, black pepper essential oil is used to alleviate muscle aches and cramps. It also may be useful for improving circulation, especially to the skin when used topically.

In natural perfume blends, black pepper essential oil lends a warm, masculine, spicy note. It blends well with woody, warm, or herbaceous oils, such as cedarwood, ginger, or rosemary essential oils. Used in small quantities, it adds a spicy hint to floral or fruity blends.

Please thoroughly familiarize yourself with safety information before using any essential oil.

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Ravi Verma said...


This is very interesting article on Black Pepper Essential Oil. I was searching for different uses of essential oils and I have also found another interesting article on using essential oil for cooking. I hope you will be interested on it and will also explain essential oil with this view. I found it here...

Em said...

People always think black pepper EO will be weird or unpleasant, but I think it has a really rich and interesting aroma and it's great for blending. Works well with the fruity and woody EOs, and even with florals if used carefully.